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Jake Ayers

Co-Founder & Transformation Coach


Jake is a passionate and experienced coach with 10 years experience in the industry a strong background in nutrition and a double degree in exercise and sports management UTS, Jake combines a relentless drive to help others reach their full potential with evidence-based nutrition and training. Helping countless clients, male and female achieve their fitness goals, compete in every and all division of bodybuilding and transform their bodies. As a competitive bodybuilder,

Jake has competed and won at the highest level in Australia holding the 1st Place NSW state Jr title in IFBB, IFBB elite, and ICN and the IFBB elite Jr Mr Australasia title. And has also been awarded with a champion trainer award for his work with pro athletes in competitions.

Jake has a unique ability to design personalised training and nutrition programs that deliver results. With a focus on proper form and injury prevention. From casual weight loss-based transformation sessions to pushing bodybuilders past they’re normal limits Jake is able to coach all individuals and all aspects of the sport including posing for classic physique, men’s bodybuilding, and men’s physique.



  • Certificate 3 in fitness
  • Certificate 4 in fitness
  • Holds a double degree from the University of Technology Sydney, a Bachelor’s in exercise and Sports Management


  • ICN Junior NSW Champ 2021
  • IFBB Junior State Champ NSW 2022
  • IFBB Junior Mr Australasia 2022

Trainer Awards

  • Champion Trainer Award “Mens Overall Classic Physique”




Heavy Weight Training
Competition Level Advice
Sports Management
Award Winning Trainer