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If you are ready to commence one of the biggest challenges of your life. Whilst, not an easy journey, a very rewarding one. We are here to make the journey easier and give you all the right information from our award-winning coaches.

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Case Studies

Amy Stemp  

I didn’t see myself going into the bodybuilding world, I started out with Jake from the bodybeyond team working on a meal plan to feel more confident - he and the team helped me grow so much as a person & became like family. Pushing me and motivating me to eventually enter my first competition, I couldn’t have done it without their knowledge, support & guidance. Highly recommend the crew to all who are struggling with motivation or hoping to achieve new goals.

Lachy Atkins 

I started my journey with Body Beyond at 19 after training myself and doing my own diet with minimal knowledge on dieting and training with the goal of competing in body building. I started off at 86kgs very very skinny with minimal muscle, I'm now 106kgs and have competed successfully in 2 body building competitions. I have used 3 of Body Beyonds coaches, all of which have made a huge impact on my life not only in body building but in my overall general health. The knowledge Ive learnt over the past few years from the boys will continue to positively impact my overall health and wellbeing for the future. 

Tommy Manzie

I started shopping at BodyBeyond in early 2019 with the goal of building some muscle with the help of supplements. At the time I was still very new to bodybuilding and was unsure of what to do with supplements and diet to gain muscle after dropping a bunch of weight. I was Immediately welcomed by the team down there and given a heap of advice on supplements and even diet & exercise. Over time I have realised that the bodybeyond team is far less concerned about just selling supps and more concerned about actually helping others to reach their goals with quality supplements and even better supplement, diet & training advice.

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